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Our Books

Using the Reference Book

(a)For every subject, the student is expected to use one Reference Book, which will cover all the topics / issues prescribed in the syllabus.

(b)  Referring to many textbooks for the same subject, or using different textbooks for the same subject from various Libraries, etc. will not be beneficial to the student, considering – (i) time, (ii) cost, (iii) knowledge update, and (iv) examination requirements.

(c)  Students should not lose the examination focus, since their study / preparation is intended to gain knowledge of the subject, and obtain good marks in the exams. Using only one Reference Book per subject, will provide this exam focus. It is advisable to dig deep, and not dig wide.

(d)  For All levels of CA Exams, Padhuka’s Publications / Textbooks are available for all the subjects. 


Padhuka’s Publications / Textbooks come with the following special advantages which will provide a “cutting edge” to students, in scoring high marks in the exams.

1. Comprehensive, Detailed Complete and Full Coverage of entire syllabus prescribed by ICAI,

2. Neat and orderly arrangement of all the topics given in the syllabus, into identifiable Chapters,

3. Systematic arrangement of all concepts in a Chapter,

4. “Chapter Overview” at the beginning of every Chapter, to help navigate the contents better,

5. Use of Flowcharts, Diagrams, Charts, Tables, etc. for effective communication of concepts,

6. Presentation of all concepts in a neat “Question and Answer” pattern, in the same manner as the student is expected to give his answer in the Main Examinations,

7. Detailed Step–by–Step Explanation of Illustrations, in the same manner as the student is expected to present his answer in the Main Exams,

8. Full Coverage of all questions / illustration / problem types in a Chapter,

9. Use of simple language and effective presentation style, to meet the needs of all categories of students – (a) CBSE / Matric / State Board background, (b) English Medium / Regional Language Medium background, (c) Commerce / Non–Commerce background, etc.

10. Complete answers to all exams questions at CA Inter & Final Level,

11. Inclusion of Questions & Answers from all the “Revision Test Papers” provided by the ICAI,

12. Additional Exercises, Case Studies, etc. with final answers thereto, to strengthen the students’ hold / command over the subject,

13. Alphabetical Index of Keywords / Phrases / Topics / Concepts,

14. Latest Case Laws relevant for the exam in all Law Papers, (Corporate Law, Income Tax, GST, etc.)

15. “Fast Track Referencer” to assist quick revision, particularly the day before the examination,

16. Query Facility – for getting doubts clarified through e–mail,

17. Update Facility – for getting recent announcements, latest amendments to law, latest updates etc. through

18. In short, a single window for sure success in the CA Exams.

(e)  Time & Cost Savings from Padhuka’s Publications: Padhuka Publications saves time and cost –

in obtaining Suggested Answers of all the past exam questions,

in going through Question Compilations (without Answers),

in obtaining Revision Test Papers of the all the past exams.