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Online Exams

ABOUT GURUKRIPA ONLINE EXAMS AND FEATURES enables you to learn the subjects for CA Foundation through test - yourself - online and learn - online mode. These Online Model Exams are conducted in the same pattern as prescribed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

 Model Exam Structure:

Each Online Model Exam subscribed by the User will have Two (2) Sessions. Session One will have 100 Questions (60 in Accounting and 40 in Mercantile Law). Session Two will also have 100 Questions (50 in Economics and 50 in Quantitative Aptitude).

Exam Types:

To suit the varying requirements of Users, GURUKRIPA provides three different types of exam packages.  You can take any or all of the three exam packages and improve your learning levels. To know more, click the link

Time Management in Exams:

GURUKRIPA’s Online Model Exams will be time - specific and the student will have to answer the questions within the stipulated time. Each Online Exam Session will be monitored by a Timer Clock on the screen.

If you have answered all the questions before the stipulated time, you may click the Finish Button.

If you have not answered all the questions and the stipulated time has elapsed (before answering all the questions), the system will automatically submit the answers.

This automatic submission at the end of stipulated exam time, will ensure that Students manage their time in the exam environment, and increase the speed in answering the questions.

Performance Card:

You can keep track of your performance by comparing your score against the previous Model Exams.

The Performance Card will summarize the information on the number of questions correctly answered and number of questions wrongly answered, and Net Marks obtained, after considering the negative marks in respect of wrong answers.

Reasons for Correct and Incorrect Questions:

After you complete the exam, you can obtain the reasons given for each and every correct and incorrect questions answered by you. The explanation and reasoning given for each answer will help you to improve your understanding and learn from the mistake committed.