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Planning for CA CPT

1.  Subjects: CPT is a multiple–choice objective–type examination, in the subjects relating to – (a) Fundamentals of Accounting (60 Marks), (b) Mercantile Law (40 Marks), (c) General Economics (50 Marks), and (d) Quantitative Aptitude (50 Marks).  The exam is for 4 hours, divided into 2 sessions of 2 hours of 100 Marks each.


2.       CPT vs CBSE Syllabus – A Comparison:   The syllabus for CA CPT Exam is given at the end of this Chapter. A comparison of the CPT Syllabus with the CBSE Syllabus indicates the following –





CPT vs CBSE Syllabus



Fundamentals of Accounting


Entire CPT Syllabus is same as Class XI and Class XII Syllabus of CBSE.



Mercantile Law


Not covered in CBSE Syllabus. This is the only new subject in CPT Syllabus.



General Economics




Quantitative Aptitude


Entire CPT Syllabus is already covered in CBSE Class XI & Class XII Syllabus.



Total Marks



      Note: Generally, State Board / Matriculation / ICSE Syllabus also cover the above topics, with certain minor differences in each.


3.       Effort required for CPT:

(a)    As seen from the above comparison chart, if the student concentrates on his studies for the Class XI and Class XII examinations, it shall be sufficient to revise those topics effectively for the CPT Exams.

(b)    The level of knowledge required for CPT is only Basic Knowledge. Hence, detailed “research” into any of the topics is not warranted.


4.    Time Analysis / Distribution: The student should register for CPT Course after passing 10th Standard Exam. He can attend CPT Classes (particularly for Mercantile Law), during 11th Std summer vacation or after the 12th Std exams. The time analysis / distribution will be as under –


Plan1: Attending CPT Classes during 11th Standard Summer Vacation



Time to be spent for CPT

Total hours


Attending CPT Classes during 11th Std summer vacation – 2 Months (April and May)

4 hours of classes, and 3 hours of self study per day = 7 hours Í 60 days

420 hours


Intense Preparation – 8 Months (June to December) (1 hour per day on weekdays, and 2 hours on Sundays)

8 hours per week Í 30 weeks

(Law:    2 hours, Other Papers: 6 hours)

240 hours


Final Revision (April and May)

60 days Í 12 hours

720 hours




1,380 hours

Note: During January to March, the student’s concentration should be entirely on 12th Std Exams. No time should be spent for CPT preparation during these three months.