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The IPCC (CA Inter) student, who is fresh out of school and has completed his CPT, has only about 9 months of study time for his IPCC (CA Inter) exams. During this period, he has to manage and distribute his study time judiciously towards - (a) IPCC Exams, (b) Information Technology Training and (c) B.Com Graduation College Classes if he has joined a college.

Assuming a moderate estimate of 35 Study Hours per week over a 38 Weeks period (9 months) for 7 Subjects, the Student has only 190 hours per Subject to prepare for a professional examination. This short time should also be viewed against the backdrop of the comparatively vast syllabus in each subject and new concepts in new subject that the student comes across for the first time.

Delaying the appearance in the examination or writing two groups separately in 6 months interval, will only lead to delaying one\'s career and is not a solution for the above challenges. What then is the solution to face the IPCC Exams with confidence?

The need of the hour is to act quickly and enrol for IPCC classes in all subjects, at the earliest, so as to plan and implement studies properly

1.       Eligibility for IPCC: A student who has passed – (a) CPT, and (b) Senior Secondary Examination (10+2 examination) conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognized by the Central Government as equivalent thereto, may join the IPCC.


2.    Registration Time Chart: The IPCC Time Chart is given below (for different dates of CPT Exams) –


Plan 1

Plan 2

CPT Registration to be done – Latest by

31st March 20XX

30th September 20XX

CPT Examinations

June 20XX

December 20XX

CPT Results

July 20XX

January 20X1

IPCC Registration

Registration before 31st July 20XX

Registration before 31st Jan 20X1

100 hrs Infotech Training and Orientation Programme

Before IPCC Results

Before IPCC Results

IPCC Classes

Aug 20XX to Dec 20XX

Feb 20X1 to June 20X1

IPCC Examinations

May 20X1

Nov 20X1

IPCC Exam Results

Jul 20X1

Jan 20X1

 3.       Register early:

(a)    Students who qualify in June CPT Exams can register for IPCC by the end of July i.e. immediately after CPT Results. They can attend IPCC classes from August onwards.

(b)    Last date for IPCC Registration is 31st July  / 31st Jan (as the case may be), in order to appear in May / Nov  IPCC Examinations respectively (CAInter). Students are advised to register well before this due date. They should also complete 100 hours of Infotech Training (ITT) at the earliest possible time.


4.       Infotech Training (ITT):

Students who have registered themselves for IPCC should get themselves registered for 100 hours of ITT classes conducted by ICAI. It is suggested that the student complete the ITT at an early point of time, in order to plan his main exam preparation in a systematic manner and to avoid last minute tension.


·       The student should also attend some short–term value–additional course like typewriting, in order to use computers more effectively. The student cannot be a “one–finger wonder” or “mouse–clicker” in operating computers later.

·        Computers should be operated with ten fingers, not just one. Good keyboard operation skills and typewriting speed, gained at this stage, will be a “silent contributor” at later stages in one’s career.

·         Ideal time for learning typewriting is July / January month, i.e. the period after CPT Exams and before announcement of CPT Results. This learning is only to improve fingering speed and efficiency.